Queenie Szu-Yu Huang’s
Archived Projects

Climate Change-Induced Glacier Retreat Alters Pacific Salmon Habitat with Varied Effects
December 2023
A scroll-based visual story about the effects of glaciers melting on salmon’s habitat. Collaboratively we worked on the research, editing, and storyboard but my main role was creating the 3D environment and animation using 3ds Max, Blender and React Three Fiber.

Done in collaboration with Eric Cheng and Levitia Patricia.

> Preview article prototype
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Interactive Storytelling, Visual Journalism, Research-based, 3D Rendering, 3ds Max, React Three Fiber

@ ITP Spring Show ‘23
May 2023
Fwenfwoiej explores the sensation of indecision via a gradually distorting projection on a bedroom. As users engage with different interactions around them, the room's abstraction clears up, providing a window into the transformative impact of simple decisions in daily life.

Done in collaboration with Vera Zhong.
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Interactive Experience, Projection Mapping, Physical Computing

The Wilderness Trail
May 2023
This project explores the perception of wilderness: places that are often seen as the natural place 'untouched' by humans but in reality, is a very cultural invention.

As viewers walk through this trail, there are different interactions that act as metaphors for how national parks and trails are created and preserved, highlighting the absurd differentiation between what we consider 'natural' and 'synthetic' and questioning the environmentalist vs. commercial intention of such acts.

> Video Demonstration
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Virtual Reality, Unreal Engine 5, Nature

The Amateur Conductor
March 2023
A playful music box for those who aren’t well-versed in music but fascinated by orchestra music and the act of conducting. Simply wave your baton in front of the box and it opens out to play music that you can then control the speed and volume of by conducting.
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Interactive Experience, Physical Computing, Paper Engineering

Omakase: A Multi-sensory Experience
December 2022
Omakase is an unusual dining experience where you are served a plate of visually ambiguous food to explore without tasting. It aims to challenge our regular dining experiences by diverting the expectation of visual and gustatory qualities of food to acknowledge and enhance the presence of other senses in our daily activities.

Done in collaboration with Tom Xia, Shauna Wu, and Vera Zhong.

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Multi-sensory Experience, Physical Computing, Speculative Design