Queenie Szu-Yu Huang’s
Archived Projects

Sisyphus’ Reading Space 

Professor: Allen Wexler

An adjustable furniture exploring design as a tool in interpreting narratives, evoking the users’ understanding and individual interpretation of Albert Camus’ Myth of Sisyphus through interaction.

The final reading space was a flat-packed piece made out of CNC plywood and an upholstered seat.

Brainstorming Stage.

Albert Camus’ book Myth of Sisyphus that explores the freedom in the meaninglessness. He argues that because there isn’t a predestined meaning assigned to our lives, we are free to live however we want.

In translating that narrative into an interactive experience, I looked at people how tend to enforce prexisting ideas on products as well.

I brainstormed various experiences in which users would place a fixed meaning/function to the object based on preconceptions that would hinder how the object can actually be interacted efficiently or comfortably.

Research and inspiration.

Investigating and analyzing designs by Droog Design that challenged what people normally define as “chair”.  I wanted to turn that prexisting conception around and using it ‘against’ users for a new perception/experience.

Mockups and Tests.

Having determined the design, I modeled the chair digitaling so it ergonomically comfortable, and tested it through various scaled models before moving on to the final using a CNC machine.