Queenie Szu-Yu Huang’s
Archived Projects

@ Computex Taipei 2022 

May 2022
This booth surrounds the concept of From Edge to Cloud in the physical space of the booth for GIGABYTE, a major computer hardware manufacturer and distributor. In addition to the main theme of server room, each area includes details recreating different scenarios that showcase the contexts for each product presented. 

Done in collaboration with a team of designers.

> Video Walk-through
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Trade Show Booth,  Commercial Promotion

Taipei Fashion Week
Exhibition SS22
October 2021
An exhibition displaying  the works by designers participating in the Taipei Fashion Week, providing an overview of their work and a space of interaction between designers and clients.

Done in collaboration with a team of designers.
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Commercial Promotion, Fashion Event

Lumine Booth
@ International Travel Fair
November 2021
Rethinking the ways to promote the shopping experience at Lumine, a brand of Japanese shopping centers in Tokyo. The space was designed to display the identity of the brand and their target audience: fashionable, young women with focus on living out their own lifestyles.
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Trade Show Booth, Commercial Promotion, Fashion

ASE Group
@ Smart City Summit & Expo
March 2022

Showcasing a range of sustainable applications and abilities of the semiconductor company through a playful space that echos the theme of Smart City.
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Trade Show Booth, Commercial Promotion