Queenie Szu-Yu Huang’s Selected Works

Transcending Boundaries is an interactive globe that introduces visitors to the many organizations within the vast UN system and the global issues they tackle.

October to December 2023

Designing for Impact

Exhibited at
United Nations New York Headquarter

My Tasks
Content Research
User Research
UI Design and Mock-up

Mashiyat Zaman/ Project Lead, Unity Developer
Lily Yu/ UIUX Designer
JD. Calvelli/ Backend Database Developer

Due to the extensiveness of the UN organizations and their works, it can be hard to know where to begin in learning about it. Whether it is from specific global organizations, location, or specific issues, there are various elements working in collaboration within the UN. So in designing for the UN visitor center, our main consideration was:

How can we present an alternative way in understanding the complexities within UN?

Basic Wireframe

The program starts with a brief introduction and a interactive globe alongside the many global issues UN targets to select from.

Once a visitor makes a selection, they are presented with the list of UN organizations that work towards solving this issue as well as their locations on the globe to learn about.

Upon selection a specific organization, visitors can learn about specific events that the organization has propelled in approaching the issue on different places around the world. 

Researching, Filtering, and Presenting Information

The project is also very much of the the research into UN’s work and investigating the method and range of information presented to visitors. We created a database that is clear and simple to update the newest events.

First Prototype

The design language is kept minimal and simple, with focus on the globe as both a symbol for the UN’s collaborative work and also the main source of interaction on screen. 

Final Iterations

After user testings and client meetings, we adjusted the overall design to incorporate more intuitive interactions, as well addition information such as the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) related to each events.