Queenie Szu-Yu Huang’s
Archived Projects

Reading Myth of Sisyphus
May 2019
An adjustable furniture exploring design as a tool in interpreting narratives, evoking the users’ understanding and individual interpretation of Albert Camus’ Myth of Sisyphus through interaction. 

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Furniture, Interactive, Narrative-based

Foliage: A Lighting Tool
May 2020
A lighting fixture aimed to be used as a tool to help employees transition between different usage of time in an office environment. It improves both workplace well-being and productivity through its ability to transform from a regular ceiling pendant that creates a focused mood with energetic light to a relaxing plant canopy that improves relaxation through its ambient lighting.
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Lighting, Office Environment, Biophilic Design

Spyde Metal Side Table
December 2019
The bold industrial look of the SPYDER Side Table is contrasted with its playful nature through a detachable lighting piece underneath the table that crafts a different feeling from every angle. 
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Furniture, Lighting

Entangled Ceramic Collection
October 2018
This collection focuses on the relationship between two forms, one coiled around the main body, to create variations in slip-casted pieces. Whether it is in the process of making or as the final outcome, the two parts interact and shape each other. 
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Ceramics, Slip Casting, Vases and Planters

Sisyphus’ Floor Lamp
October 2019
This project combines the exploration of seemingly cheap materials such as cardboard and the challenge of bringing philosophical meaning into products. The result is a playful floor lamp with a light that slides down to the bottom every time one places the light bulb at the top. In performing the futile action, users acquire an understanding of the philosophy in Albert Camus’ essay, Myth of Sisyphus.
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Lighting, Furniture, Narrative-based, Interactive, Philosophy