Queenie Szu-Yu Huang’s
Archived Projects

@ ITP Spring Show ‘23
May 2023
Inspired by NYU professor John Jost and his collaborators’ research on Children's Social Representations of Utopian Societies, and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, YOUTOPIA is an interactive city model that challenges users in considering what values they would prioritize in an ideal society

Done in collaboration with Bruce Arthur Jr., Jaxon Wang, Karina Chow, and Lily Yu.

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Interactive Experience, Data Visualization, Physical Computing, Projection Mapping, Research-Based

Taipei City Booth 
@ International Travel Fair
November 2021

Awarded Best Booth at the fair, this space aimed to promote local tourism in Taipei City. The challenge was in building a cultural experience under a very commercial context. While visitors line up for the stores, the space is made as if they are walking through the streets of the traditional side of Taipei with rich history. 

Done in collaboration with a graphic designer, Amelie Hsu

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Trade Show Booth, Cultural Theme, City Promotion

if on a winter’s night, 
a fight, a car, and a moment of snow
December 2023
A  multi-sensory VR narrative that brings viewers through a  car ride that reflects the emotional roller coaster and nuances of a conflict between a couple.

Done in collaboration with Vera Zhong.

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Virtual Reality, Unreal Engine 5, Multi-sensory Experience, Physical Computing, Narrative-Based

Transcending Boundaries
@ United Nations
December 2023
Presented in the exhibition space of United Nations’ New York headquarters, Transcending Boundaries is an interactive globe that introduces visitors to the many organizations within the vast UN system and the global issues they tackle.

Done in collaboration with Mashiyat Zaman, JD. Calvelli , and Lily Yu.

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Interactive Screen-based Experience, Informational Program, Research-based, Unity Development

Parsons Street Seat
@ 13th Street, New York
Walking among the busy streets of New York City daily, public spaces have become a safe haven, a place for socializing and taking breaks. Done in a span of a semester with 14 students right outside of Parsons university center, this public street seating emphasized fluidity in both function and visual qualities. 

Done in collaboration with a team of designers.

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Public Street Seating, Biophilic Design